Living in Silicon Valley

Life in Silicon Valley revolves around the high tech industry.  At any gathering, you’ll probably encounter engineers and scientists who work for the region’s high-tech companies.  (The unfortunate side effect is that it’s very common to “talk work” at social events.)

More than half of the adult residents of Silicon Valley have college degrees, and close to a quarter have advanced degrees.


With its large and diverse population, and high income levels, it’s not surprising that there are many things to do in Silicon Valley.  The region supports multiple major-league sports teams, as well as a wealth of museums, performing arts venues, and world-class restaurants.

In addition, there are large areas of government-protected open space in the area, providing opportunities for hiking, bicycling, swimming and horseback-riding.

And finally, for those who enjoy a “city” experience, San Francisco is less than an hour away from Silicon Valley.


More than 36% of the people in Silicon Valley are foreign-born.  Many enter the county on work visas sponsored by high-tech companies.

In addition to large numbers of people from China, India, and Mexico, you’ll encounter small communities representing virtually every country, including Korea, the Philippines, Russia, England, Japan, Israel, and more.

Visit a local park and you’ll be likely to see people playing cricket and soccer, or practicing Tai Chi.

Go out to lunch with people from work, and you’ll likely end up arguing about whether to go a Thai restaurant, or try the new Afghani restaurant.

People in Silicon Valley quickly grow comfortable working and socializing with people from different cultures and ethnic groups, and enjoy experiencing the traditions, food, and entertainment from around the world.


Although Silicon Valley includes parts of San Jose – California’s third-largest city – most of the area is suburban, made up of single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments.

Because of the high-income levels in the area, and the limited availability of real estate, housing is very expensive.  Silicon Valley includes 3 of the nation’s 10 most expensive housing markets.

The average rent in Silicon Valley is around $2,500.  Rent for a single-family detached home can run $4,000 to $5,000.  The average purchase price for a home exceeds $1 million.