Silicon Graphics

SGISilicon Graphics International Corporation (SGI), formerly known as Rackable Systems, is a manufacturer of high-performance computer hardware and software.  In April, 2009, Rackable acquired the assets of the failing Silicon Graphics, Inc, and changed its name.  

Silicon Graphics, Inc was founded in 1982 to produce graphics workstations.  It later expanded into servers and video streaming technology.  At its height, the company was a very visible symbol of Silicon Valley; it was frequently visited by foreign dignitaries, political candidates, and figures in the entertainment industry, including Bill Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II, Michael Jackson, and Steven Spielberg.

The company failed to respond to the rapidly improving graphics capabilities of desktop PCs and clustered servers, and rapidly declined in the later 90’s.

Many of the buildings originally built and occupied by Silicon Graphics, Inc. are now owned by LinkedIn and Google.


900 North McCarthy Boulevard
Milpitas, CA 95035

Silicon Graphics, Inc was founded in 1982; it was acquired by Rackable Systems in 2009.