Working in Silicon Valley

DSCN2369There are more high-tech companies headquartered in Silicon Valley than any other place in the world.  Even companies that are not headquartered in the valley often have large facilities there.

In addition to large corporations, the valley is home to thousands of small companies and startups.  As a result, there are a tremendous number of job opportunities in the high-tech field, and companies compete fiercely for good employees.

DSCN2370Besides high salaries and traditional benefits such as insurance and 401K plans, companies offer a variety of perks designed to create a supportive – and fun – environment for their employees.

Examples include:


  • subsidized on-site cafes and cafeterias offering up-scale dining
  • free drinks and snacks throughout the day
  • fitness centers
  • shuttle buses
  • bicycles to get around the facilities
  • charging stations for electric cars
  • and even reserved parking spaces for expectant moms!

DSCN2419Many companies are located on “campuses” consisting of many buildings, creating an environment where recent college graduates will feel at home.